Who is Henry?



Our story is sad yet sweet. We began in the northern part of New York where a sweet, old beagle named Henry was discovered. After years of living in an outdoor shelter and being passed off as someone not so special, Henry struck some luck.  He found a family who took him out of the cold, and gave him a warm home with many warm hearts. Today, Henry lives an extraordinary life.  To some he may seem like just another ordinary dog, a rescue dog at that, but to us he is our inspiration.

It is our hope that Henry's journey will inspire others to help his sisters and brothers throughout New York State.  Henry wants to give hugs and support to all of his friends left behind. He so deeply wishes that his four legged friends will all find good fortune and happiness like he did. However, in the meantime, his story will be the inspiration to raise funds to help improve the shelters where his friends are still patiently waiting. Henry never forgot where he came from and wants to "paw" it forward. 100% of the proceeds go directly to aid shelter pets and animals in need. We do this by improving the living conditions of shelter pets, sponsoring adoption fees, hosting adoption events for local shelters, and much more.   

Henry is enjoying his new "retirement" life. His favorite hobbies now consist of long naps by the warm fireplace and enjoying homemade pastries brought home from his owners local bakery. However, Henry's favorite hobby is hanging with his 5 year old human sister aka best friend, confident and "Ride or Die" buddy. Even in retirement, Henry still enjoys being the spokes dog and motivation behind it all, he needs your help to help his 4 legged friends awaiting the good life. Help us help Henrys friends find their loving home!