Happy Tails



 Yogi was a 1 year old mixed breed dog that had a home. She was a single mom that loved him but felt bad that her work schedule and busy life left him in a cage most of the day. Yogi had a lot of energy and was having a hard time staying in a cage. She wanted him to have a better life so she asked us to find him a new home. Now he has a new mom and spends most of his time playing with her grandkids and running free. He now spends very little time in a cage and gets to sleep in bed with his new mom. 



Harley was a 3 month old Labradoodle puppy when she was adopted by her owner. That owner then had to take on her mother’s older dogs. Harley being a puppy wanted to play with the other dogs but was a bit rough with those small dogs. The owner was forced to give up Harley to keep the others from injury. We found Harley a new owner and now she plays all day with her Siberian Husky sister. 



Spirit was surrendered to an animal shelter because she needed an operation that would have been expensive. This no kill shelter wanted to just make her as comfortable as possible and listed her as unadoptable. We found her a home and paid for her operation. Now Spirit is very happy with her owner.



Annie was housed outside in the bitter cold at an animal shelter. Her fur was too short to keep her warm. We adopted this little girl and found her a forever home with a great family.




Hello....my name is Meesha.  I am so thankful to be back home with my original dad.  For some reason we got separated and I ended up at a shelter where I misbehaved and I was about to be put to sleep.  However lucky for me a wonderful rescue group called Hugs from Henry thought I needed a second chance.  Their people took me away from that shelter and immediately put me in a board and train with some amazing folks at Paw It Forward.  After a few months, my dad found out where I was.  When he came to see me at the training center, I was so nervous. 

I was afraid he would not remember me, but it was just the opposite.  We were sssssoooo happy to be back together.  And now every day is a wonderful new adventure for the two of us.  I think every dog in a shelter deserves a second chance....dont you?  Please adopt.....many animals in a shelter are waiting for someone to rescue them....

Next story soon!


Which loving animal will be next?